"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.




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pax communications derives its name from the Latin word for peace.

Founded on the belief that we must speak out in the face of injustice and inequality, Pax Communications is dedicated to advancing human rights as a means to achieve world peace.

For small organizations without an in-house PR team, or large organizations with an occasional need to outsource projects, Pax Communications offers experienced, attentive, creative, and cost-effective communications counsel and support.



Message development

Substance and relevance are the key ingredients of any effective campaign. Before taking any message to the media or the public, Pax will ensure that the information is significant and the delivery compelling.

Media relations

Some PR people are perceived as a nuisance or disregarded by the press.  Others are viewed as a welcome source of unique and noteworthy news content.  Pax falls in the latter category.  Through an intuitive sense of what makes news, and an ability to build mutually beneficial relationships, Pax partners with the media to get its clients the coverage they deserve.

Social Media

The variety of vehicles through which organizations can convey their messages has never been greater.  Pax will help you navigate the communication opportunities available through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever comes next.

Campaign strategy

What is the best way to reach as many people as cost effectively as possible?  The answer to this question depends on many variables, such as message, target audience and timetable.  Pax will help you develop a strategy that best fits your organization and your goals.


In marketing communications, there’s always something to write.  Press releases, web copy, mass emails, annual reports; the list goes on.  When time is short and the list is long, Pax can help craft a compelling message in clear, crisp prose.